Why Chiropractic For Back Pain?

12 Reasons Why Chiropractic is the Best Choice for Back Pain

Chiropractic best for back pain

Chiropractic is a great way to naturally and safely improve your health. Over the last few years, many studies have been published in the medical literature have shown that chiropractic is the best choice for patients who suffer from acute or chronic back pain:

1. The AMA Recommends Chiropractic Before Surgery

Surgery always carries risk and should be avoided, if possible. This landmark article from the JAMA says that patients should try chiropractic before resorting to surgical intervention.

2. Chiropractic Helps You Avoid Surgery, Too!

This study from the journal Spine found that patients who used chiropractors were less likely to have surgery for their back pain.

3. Chiropractic is Better than Drugs

Another study from Spine found that chiropractic patients had better outcomes than patients who used medications for their back pain.

4. Chiropractic Prevents Future Cases of Back Pain

In this study, researchers found that chiropractic helped prevent back pain in patients with work-related injuries.

5. Chiropractic Saves You Money

A study that compared chiropractic to medical care found that chiropractic patients spent less on health care than medical patients.

6. Chiropractic is More Effective than Epidural Injections for Disc Herniations

This 2013 study found that back pain patients had better outcomes and lower health care costs with chiropractic than those who had epidural injections for spinal disc herniations.

7. Chiropractic Best Option for Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Dysfunction the sacroiliac joint can cause severe back pain and sciatica. This study reports a 72% success rate for patient who use chiropractic for SI joint pain.

8. Chiropractic Best Option for Sports-Related Back Pain

Back pain is a common sports injury, and this study from the journal Sports Health found that chiropractic was the best option for treatment.

9. Chiropractic is Safe

The prestigious medical journal Spine found that chiropractic is a safe choice for back pain patients.

10. Chiropractic Beneficial for Back Pain in Pregnancy

Many pregnant women suffer from back pain, and regular medical treatments or drugs can be unsafe. This 2006 study found that chiropractic is a safe and effective way to relieve the symptoms of back pain during this important time.

11. Chiropractic Helps Older Patients with Back Pain

As we get older, our spine loses flexibility and we’re more likely to develop back pain. This 2013 study found that chiropractic is safe and effective at reducing back pain in older patients.

12. Chiropractic Best for Teens with Back Pain

This British study found that for teens with back pain, chiropractic offered the biggest improvements.

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